Our original, independent work is a reflection of themes that are close to our hearts.

As we develop the projects, our commitment is to put as much attention on crafting the films as we do on distributing them, so that they can reach the expansive audiences they are intended for.

One Word

How might young indigenous people help us reverse the climate crisis?

In each short-form documentary of the One Word series, a young native person is invited to co-direct the film, while sharing a story of personal transformation related to a single untranslatable word from their ancestral language — a word offered to humanity as medicine to heal our climate crisis.

STATUS:  first film currently in post-production


We know that we love nature and yet we are not able to feel the drama of an Amazon in flames or of the funeral of an iceberg. What does it look like to re-sensitize ourselves to the depth of that love? What does it mean to heighten our experience of the divine in everyday nature?

STATUS:  released July 2019

Let’s Get Street Smart Film Series

The measure of a city is determined by how we treat our most vulnerable neighbors. Embarrassed, frustrated and determined, San Franciscans redefine their city by taking on the homelessness crisis with the trademarks of the SF culture: innovation and activism. Along the way, they also redefine what we mean by getting “street smart”.


Sunnydale Kids

A surf coach can’t pretend to know how to fix all of the problems the children of inner city San Francisco face. What he can do is give them a fun day out.


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