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Why Nature Practice? 

With Nature Practice you don't have to struggle to focus on your breath.  I'll teach you how to let nature draw you into a meditative state, by heightening your sensations outdoors, so that you can let go more easily of your planning, worrying, conversation-replaying, nostalgic, angry, anxious mind.

This way you can feel more awake, more alive and more aligned with yourself, with others and with the natural world.

In creating the Nature Practice program, I was influenced by a number of my life experiences:

  • two decades of studying with the Dalai Lama & nature retreats with Thich Nhat Hanh. 
  • opportunities to learn from naturalists like Jane Goodall, Sylvia Earle & Peter Wohlleben.
  • many treasured occasions, since childhood, to be in the company of indigenous people from Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, Nepal, and the United States.

My wish is for you to find healing in nature while engaging in healing the Earth for generations to come.

natasha deganello giraudie


"This isn’t your average meditation and mindfulness session. Natasha weaves a number of wonderful practices into her ‘nature practice’ and makes them all accessible to everyone."


What's Included:

Our Nature Practice program can be customized for your needs from a morning session to a multi-day wellness experience.   

Some of the themes that we teach are how to go to nature to:

  • calm yourself down before overwhelm gets the best of you.
  • ground yourself instead of getting lost in the spinning of your mind.
  • become more connected to yourself and those around you.
  • restore your wellbeing and your enthusiasm.
  • gain clarity that will enable you to see things as they really are.
  • increase perspective so you can see your problems within a greater context.
  • expand your compassion beyond your biological circle of concern.
  • show up to challenges with greater skill and creativity.
  • infuse yourself with fearless courage so that you can live the life of your wildest dreams.
  • become more skilled at helping others heal their relationship with the Earth.
  • ultimately, infuse more meaning, more purpose, more soul into your life.


We get on a planning session via video call with you to tailor the experience to the needs of your group.



Your group enjoys a custom-designed private, Nature Practice program, personally led by Natasha Deganello Giraudie including elements like:

  • Teaching and guidance on drawing from a curated collection of methods from world traditions.
  • Presentation of evidence of benefits.
  • Guided meditations.
  • Journaling exercises.
  • Mindful walking and meandering.
  • Conversation circles.
  • Poetry readings.
  • Individual assessments to measure impact.


We get back on a video call with you to debrief and capture learnings for next time!

We also offer ongoing support for your team to continue their Nature Practice beyond your offsite.

"Natasha draws on personal narratives, traditions, and scientific research to bring her 'Nature Practice' to life. You'll remember why it's important to find even small moments of peace and presence in nature."


"Transformative experience. Connecting with nature and your inner calm in such a short span was amazing. Natasha has a calming soul and I highly recommend this experience."


"This retreat allows you to reconnect with nature through powerful awareness and mindfulness practices. I left feeling calm, alert and inspired to come back and practice more often! Namaste, Natasha."


About Your Guide

I grew up in Venezuela with adventurous parents who would take us into the wilderness to visit and to learn from different indigenous groups like the Pemon and the Warao.  As an adult, I studied with the Dalai Lama for twenty years, in his monastery in the Indian Himalayas and around the world.  I also had the opportunity to go on nature retreats with Thich Nhat Hanh and later completed training to become a professional nature mindfulness teacher with Mark Coleman of Awake in the Wild and a certified moon guide with April McMurtry and Sita Rosalie Davis of The Moon is My Calendar.  

Through these experiences, I have woven a collection of personal nature-centered wellbeing practices that I have counted on over the course of my life. Time and again - I've been able to go outside and attune deeply to nature, in the way my teachers have shown me.  As I let the elements pull me out of my spinning mind, they help me restore a sense of calm, joy and fearless courage.  I have found that when I practice regularly - I can do my best work, as a mother, a documentary filmmaker and as a human being who wants to be a part of healing our relationship with the Earth.

I've had the deep honor and pleasure of teaching these practices to a wide range of people from those working in humanitarian organizations like the United Nations, in wellness retreat centers like One World Ayurveda and in technology companies like Airbnb.  My 2019 short film on nature practice, Inmanencia, has been selected for screening at festivals from Boulder, to Buenos Aires to Bhutan where it won the Audience Choice Award. 

Now I'm thrilled to be able to offer you this resource for your offsite gatherings, so that you and your colleagues can also benefit from these beautiful practices.

natasha deganello giraudie
Nature Practice Instructor 


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