Infuse your team with nature in a way that delivers calm minds, open hearts & inspired souls.

What if your colleagues could learn how to regularly rejuvenate themselves after working long hours?  

What if they showed up with more clarity and enthusiasm?

What if they responded to challenges with more skill, vision and optimism?

These are some of the gifts that our custom Nature Practice programs have in store for you and your colleagues.   Through a mix of nature immersion and world wisdom traditions, we turn your next offsite, corporate wellness retreat or special event into a transformative experience.


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This isnt your average meditation and mindfulness session. Natasha weaves a number of wonderful practices into her ‘nature practice and makes them all accessible to everyone.”


Our Story

One day I was filming a feature documentary in Cuba, feeling overstretched with many pressured roles in life as a working mother traveling the globe and I felt the telltale symptoms of burnout on its way.  

Then, almost out of nowhere, a powerful tropical rainstorm stopped me in my tracks, reminding me that everything was ok: that even though my mind was racing and my heart beating too fast, I was safe, earthed, alive and at home in the world. I literally slowed down, breathed and smelled in this deeply restorative moment of rushing rain and rhythmic sound and the smell of iron-filled soil.

In an instant, I noticed myself practicing my own mix of nature-centered methods that I had learned as a child in the jungle with indigenous people in my native Venezuela and over the many years of studying with the Dalai Lama. I had a sort of  s l o w - m o t i o n  experience where I noticed the practice calm my mind, open my heart and inspire my soul.

When I got home and shared this story with a few friends, they asked me to show them how to do it. This is how our Nature Practice program was born.

Now it’s my great pleasure to teach a wide range of people from those working in humanitarian organizations like the United Nations, in wellness retreat centers like One World Ayurveda and in technology companies like Airbnb and Google. Together we practice finding support for our wellbeing from the Pacific beaches or redwood forests or tropical jungles, while we heal our relationship with the earth and get on with living our wildest dreams.

Creative Director and Nature Practice Instructor 

Why Nature Practice Matters

As humans, we used to spend 99% of our time in nature. We were attuned to the cycles of the moon and the sun. We were highly skilled in and committed to looking after our environment.

Our physiology is still made for those times.

And yet the average person in the US spends 95% of their time indoors.* We’re experiencing “biological homelessness.” This, in turn, is exasperates the stress  in our lives from working longer hours, being sedentary and staring at digital screens. It also detaches us from the actions necessary for co-existing in a thriving, life-giving, regenerative environment.

How might we become more attuned to the gifts of nature?

How might we restore the sense of wellbeing — of calm, clarity and courage — that comes from deep and intentional connection to the outdoors? How might we become better stewards of our natural home?

These are the questions at the heart of Nature Practice.

* John Spengler, Harvard School of Public Health

Not Your Typical Meditation Program

With Nature Practice, you don't have to struggle to focus on your breath.  Instead we get outside and learn to tune into the sounds of the ocean waves, the scent of the eucalyptus trees or the unfolding of a spring blossom.  

In doing so, we gain insight and inner wellbeing so that your team can be more grounded and connected to each other - and the planet around them.

Our custom mini nature retreats range from half-day offsite to multi-week onsite wellness experiences.


We get on a strategic session via video call with you to tailor the experience to the needs of your group.


Your group enjoys a custom-designed private Mini Nature Retreat personally led by Natasha Deganello Giraudie including elements like:

  • Teaching and guidance on Nature Practice drawing from a curated collection of methods from world traditions.
  • Presentation of evidence of benefits.
  • Guided meditations.
  • Journaling exercises.
  • Mindful walking and meandering.
  • Conversation circles.
  • Poetry readings.
  • Individual assessments to measure impact.


We send downloadable Nature Practice resources for ongoing support for your attendees.

And finally, we get back on a video call with you to debrief and capture learnings for next time!

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Explore infusing your next offsite, event or gathering with Nature Practice.

"Transformative experience. Connecting with nature and your inner calm in such a short span was amazing. Natasha has a calming soul and I highly recommend this experience."


"Natasha is an amazing host. She drew on personal narratives, traditions, and scientific research to help frame the goals of her “nature practice,” and she deftly handled both the group interactions and the guided exercises. Strongly recommend this experience - you’ll remember why it’s important to find even small moments of peace and presence in nature."


"Great experience, particularly the connection between mindfulness and nature. I came away with some valuable takeaways, thank you!"


"Natasha's experience was wonderful. I brought my colleagues to spend some time in peace, away from our desks, and it couldn't have been better. Everybody could relax, enjoy nature and learn a bit more about meditation with Natasha. She was engaging and very democratic about different levels of meditation knowledge we had in the group. Everybody felt included and I received many compliments afterwards. The group was very happy with the entire experience. Highly recommend it!"


"The experience with Natasha was amazing! We spent 3 hours at the beach completely immersed in nature. She helped me realize how grounding and rejuvenating it can be. She shared her extensive knowledge and expertise on nature, meditation and mind-body connection. And Natasha made the whole experience fun!"


"This was a beautiful experience which I wholeheartedly recommend. Natasha was kind, insightful, and provided our group with valuable perspectives on mindfulness, nature, and the connection between the two."


"I greatly enjoyed this deep rejuvenating experience with Natasha, who was leading the group with her beautiful energy, and kindness! This retreat allowed me to reconnect with nature, under Natasha's knowledgeable guidance, using awareness and mindfulness practices. To me it felt very potent to combine the connection to nature with mindfulness practices. I left the retreat feeling alert, aligned, calm, in tune with my inner self, nurtured, and very inspired to come back and practice more often! Namasté, Natascha"


Photography by Pete Longworth  /  Design by Todd Schulte Design


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Explore infusing your next offsite, event or gathering with Nature Practice.